Reunion second con’t or unintended Schadenfreude

Now I don’t advocate Schadenfreude, but going to a N.C. Reunion, visa vie Homecoming with Dr. Dombray, here – well let’s just say observation is one of my hobbies.

Several children evacuated the church doors as we entered. (And no, I had not allowed Dr. Phil Dombray in my hotel room the night before, just wasn’t in the mood!) The service was quaint and filling – and we were introduced as if we were dignitaries.

Now I may have been reading way too much Poe for my own good, bit it appeared the church ladies looked me up and down a little too long with introductions. Friendly, yet approvingly.

“Would you like to look at the grave sites?” Phil inquired. “Come, let’s go.” He pleaded through his homemade fixings scooping from a plate full of auntie’s favorite recipe delights.

“No,” I shied, “you go.”

“But I want you to stand by grandmother’s grave.” Phil insisted, “While its still fresh.”

I none the less, declined.

I fanned getting my high heels muddied.

On the way home it seemed we had come to a crossroads. He spoke about portals on mesa’s in AZ as he neglected to fill the gas tank till we were driving on fumes. I sat quiet. He said that, in an irritating voice, he shouldn’t be speaking to me.

I agreed.


Reunion, con’t

As we arrived at the hotel in N.C., our car turned swiftly towards an hotel entrance overhang.

I peeked into the lobby.

“Heh,” I remarked, “I’ll wait. Two rooms, right?”

“You come too.” Phil coaxed.

The lobby revealed the same hotel smell and coffee station I had seen relentlessly as a flight attendant. Grab, the key, find out restaurant recommendations and the hours of free breakfast.

“See you at the pool?”

He looked at me inquiringly, as if to say, you really don’t want two rooms, right?

I nodded and turned to go, followed by my roller-bag.

“Thanks, see you in a 1/2.”

When we arrived at the pool, the gate was closed.

“No,” I lamented, “forgot to check the hours. Guess we can go for dinner.”

At the Red Lobster, I ordered my regular, particular bend on New England tastes. Phil surprisingly ordered exactly the same nuances, including desert.

“Do you always order just that meal?”

“Yes, believe it or not, I do. When I come here with my nephews, that’s exactly what I get!”

“Will I meet your nephews tomorrow at the reunion?”

“Yes, let’s go so we can get some rest.”

Phil saw me to my door of the hotel room.

“May I come in? My TV isn’t working, we can watch the fights.”