Sandwich Glass

IMG_0711 Today, the time had come to decorate the house, to ready it for the Savoir. I lined up all the ornaments and a magical beam of light streamed through the stained-glass window, especially bright, I blinked. The strongest came through a part of the window that had some glass missing. Have to get that fixed, it will have to wait until after Christmas. It was a red glass slice that had been out since my Mom died last year. Only a year ago, we went to the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) and chatted like schoolgirls. “You won’t believe what they have here,” she said. We turned one of the corridors filled with Egyptian Sarcophagus’ and marble statues. At the end of the hall was a lit curio cabinet shinning ruby red. We looked at each other and quickened our pace. We practically ran. “These look like the real ones, like at the beach in Sandwich, at the Glass Museum.” I said. “Exactly,” she said. We read the label, “SANDWICH GLASS.” We giggled, we both raced to the VMFA Museum Gift Store. We hid our packages. The next morning we exchanged gifts. One each of Cranberry Sandwich Glass Goblets. One year ago. Today I unpacked the bubble wrap on red, red glass. As I put it on the mantle with running cedar, I felt complete.