Once in a Blue Moon

What does a Blue Moon look like? Today I was reunited with my father after he was held emotionally hostage by his second wife for over a decade. A blue moon looks like the crystal blue eyes he has opened to his newly liberated world.

What does a blue moon feel like? “Once in a Blue Moon” feels like his blue eyes sparkling once again — and his wry smile smirk on a quip – or his mischievous eyes slide a knowing smile.

Yes, its been at least 15 years since I was sure that my emails, letters, phone messages or pleas were shredded by jealous hands. Hands that tenderly care for animals, but shun any human grace.

He’s living with my dear sister now. A blue moon feels like the world has been set right, full and shiny blue all over the blue planet.

Happy, that’s how a blue moon feels.

Love you Dad, thanks for the hug and kiss! Can’t wait for you to see your “All grown up” grandchildren who have waited patiently for you to reappear too.

Once in a Blue Moon sounds like a sigh, and smells like tousled grey hair.


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