Scripting a Choregraphed Fight Scene

Have you ever wondered how to script a fight? Who doesn’t love a good Jackie Chan romp?

Maybe you don’t have visions of melee. But it sure can be a great climax! I’ve collected some info and sites to help if you are so inclined.

To begin: Make it clear who is attacking – with a clean attacking motion and a fully extended arm toward one of the targets.Make it clear who is defending, by making sure the parrying person’s weapon straight up and down.

Therefore if A is attacking B, have A raise their weapon straight up and down. This may not be the correct fighting pose, but it photographs well.

Next: Keep the choreography short and simple. Every action should incur a reaction.

So if Warrior A decides to challenge Soldier B, then A could cut to the left hip and parry a low line left.

I like this video which illustrates some of this so far:

Next deflect a blow to the head (SHOT <—– cut to head) I would not advise scripting a camera shot, just saying, but you can cleverly do this by describing this action. Don’t forget only four sentences in a paragraph for each scene.

I would enter some dialogue here: “Ahrg”, or “grr.”

Now repulse the blow with a low line right. You have created a 3 move fight. To make the fight longer, just repeat these moves, but have the other person start it.

Some say don’t even script an action scene in a blockbuster.

I say write it. It’s your story and your movie. You can pay the piper later.

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